Fagerhaug International School opened its doors in August 2013, becoming the first international school in Northern Trondelag. It started with 11 students and has increased its population to nearly 90 at the start of the 2018/2019.

For the first five years, the school was located within the scenic town of Skatval. FINT is  a part of the Fagerhaug Education Center which also houses Fagerhaug Christian School. In August 2018, together with Fagerhaug Christian School, FINT moved to its new location in Stjørdal.


As the desire for the International schools in the area continues to grow, we are currently accepting additional students to grade levels 1 – 9. Every school year, FINT adds one grade level until we reach the 10th grade.

At FINT, we recognize the talents and needs of all students. We encourage learning through challenging and engaging teaching in reading, mathematics and interdisciplinary subjects. The medium of instruction is English and Norwegian. Students are taught in Norwegian, in line with the requirements and goals of the Norwegian curriculum (Kunnskapsløftet).

Offentlig godkjente lærerplaner

Fagerhaug International Skole følger offentlig godkjente læreplaner og tilbyr skolegang for alle slags elever, uavhengig av bakgrunn, religion og etnisitet. Skoleopptak hele året, forutsatt ledige plasser.


Adresse og generelle henvendelser..

Ligaardvegen 15,
7505 Stjørdal, Norway

Postboks 23,


+47 74 84 07 70

(8.30 - 15.30)



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