Fagerhaug International School Staff

Fagerhaug International school is a rich multicultural community with teachers from Mexico, Philippines, India, Canada, Cameroon, Argentina, South- Africa, USA, Croatia and Norway. All staff are highly qualified to work with students in a positive, diverse and dynamic international learning environment. We celebrate and learn from each other’s cultures and backgrounds and embrace diversity.

Administration Staff

Olav Teigen

Managing Director

Cherise  S. Kristoffersen

Head of school

Kristin Garnes

Administrative Secretary

Nina Aune

After School Manager

Ståle Myhre

Maintenance supervisor

Alexandre Ramana

IT Coordinator

PYP Staff

Lani May Avila

PYP Coordinator

PYP 1 Classroom Teacher

Ingvild Skulbørstad

Norwegian Teacher

Fiona McLoughlin

PYP 2 Classroom Teacher


Therese Hatlen Ng

Norwegian Teacher


Claire Vreeland

PYP 3 Classroom Teacher


Leona Mihaljovic Kolcic

Arts Teacher

Rachel Elisabeth Guempel

PYP4 Classroom Teacher

Shiela Mae Estoconing



Joe Klumper

MYP 7 Classroom Teacher

Camilla Skjervold Mjåtveit


Daniel Skjervold

PYP 5 & 6 Classroom Teacher


Mardel Kate Estoconing


MYP Staff

Cherise Storlie Kristoffersen

Head of School


Kristin Brondbø


Britt Unni S. Geving

MYP Coordinator

Norwegian Language and Literature

Leticia Balzi

Arts & Design

Joe Klumper

MYP 7 Classroom Teacher

Individuals & Societies

Liesl Rene Krøke


Neelam Panjwani

MYP 8 Classroom Teacher


Anne Marit Letnes

Norwegian Acquisition

Kristin F. Kartum

MYP 9 Classroom Teacher

Physical and Health Education

Patricia Serrano- Gonzalez

Spanish Acquisition

Laura Dooley

MYP 10 Classroom Teacher


Veronica Gladsø

French Acquisition