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About Us

Fagerhaug International School opened its doors in August 2013, becoming the first international school in Northern Trondelag. It started with 11 students and the number of students has now passed 130. The school is a non-profit International IB School funded by local authorities. For the first five years, the school was located within the scenic town of Skatval.

FINT is a part of the Fagerhaug Education Center which also houses Fagerhaug Christian School. The two schools are independent of each other and offer two different educational programs. In August 2018, together with Fagerhaug Christian School, FINT moved to its new location at Husbyfaret, Stjørdal.


At FINT we strive for:

  • CARINGWe prioritize being a school that is a safe environment where students feel valued and respected.
  • INTEGRITYDoing what is right, even if no one knows, is a foundational quality for our students inside and outside of school.
  • EXCELLENCECommitting to an attitude of excellence every day gives students the opportunity to attain the success they desire.


Our mission at Fagerhaug International School is to strive for academic excellence with personal integrity to develop internationally minded students. We challenge ourselves, our students and our community to become caring and knowledgeable lifelong learners who inquire and take action to create a better world.

Organization chart

Our organization believes that having fewer levels of management simplifies internal communication and enables fast decision-making.  To elevate our employees level of responsibility, we opt for a flat organizational structure. 

FINT Staff

Fagerhaug International school is a rich multicultural community with teachers from Mexico, Philippines, India, Canada, Cameroon, Argentina, South- Africa, USA, Croatia and Norway. All staff are highly qualified to work with students in a positive, diverse and dynamic international learning environment. We celebrate and learn from each other’s cultures and backgrounds and embrace diversity.

Contact Us

For more information about our  programmes, please contact our coodinators:

The Primary Years Programme (1st – 6th): lani@fagerhaugoppvekst.no

The Middle Years Programme (7th – 10th): britt@fagerhaugoppvekst.no

PYP Staff

Lani May Avila


Kate Mardel Estoconing


Rachel  Elizabeth Guempel


Claire Vreeland


Shiela Mae Estoconing

Community Worker

Therese Hatlen Ng

Norwegian Teacher

Patricia Serrano-Gonzalez


Camilla S. Mjåtveit


Daniel Skjervold

PYP 5&6

Neelam Panjwani


Leona Mihaljovic Kolcic

Arts & Design

Joe Klumper

PYP 5&6

Ingvild Skulbørstad

Norwegian Teacher

MYP Staff

Britt U. S. Geving

MYP Coordinator

Kristin Brondbø


Letizia Balzi

Arts & Design

Anne Marit Letnes


Liesl Rene Krøke


Kristin F. Kartum

PHE/ Ind. & Soc.

Joe Klumper

Ind. & Societies

Laura Dooley


Patricia S. Gonzales


Veronica Gladsø


Neelam Panjwani


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