Back to school !!!

Welcome to a new school year!

Monday, August 17th at 08:30 a new school year starts at Fagerhaug. This school year will be slightly different than usual due to the impact of the Corona virus in our community. However, we are well prepared to provide a warm welcome to our students.

Teachers and staff will be wearing T-shirts indicating which school they belong to; all contact teachers will be holding a sign with the appropriate grade. Each student should stand in the appropriate area based upon their grade. Parents are welcome to line up with their child- if necessary.

 Parents who have children who are a bit anxious about coming back to school and feel that they should follow their child into the school building are asked to contact the administration in advance to register your request to be in the building.  If you need to register to come into the building send an email to

The school principals will welcome everyone outdoors in the school yard and we have a pleasant surprise planned for our first-grade students!

School transportation will run as usual, and the school routes can be found by clicking on this link:

 Regarding infection control:

All schools are still in the yellow zone and we will continue to follow the rules and regulations for infection control at this level. Our cleaning routines continue to be at the same level as when we reopened in April/May.

Parents should be confident that all employees are well trained in infection control procedures. For more information, we suggest you read this information in the following the link below:

The measures ensure that we can limit the amount of people students meet and that we can trace contacts if needed. Parents are responsible for keeping children who are ill at home, please inform the school if you have been/are traveling to a questionable area or must be quarantined. Parents must further communicate clearly to the school whether children have allergies or reactions with subsequent respiratory illness.

On behalf of the teachers and the staff we are looking forward to welcoming new and “old” students to a new school year!

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